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Social and Economic Situation

The Slavyansk District is situated in the western part of the Krasnodar Region. It is located conventionally in the middle between the capital of the Krasnodar Region, the city of Krasnodar, and the Republic of Crimea, and between the Hero City of Novorossiysk and the city of Timashevsk (in direction to the Rostov District). The Slavyansk District shares its borders with the Primorsko-Akhtarsk, Kalininskaya, Krasnoarmeiskiy, Krymsk and Temryuk Districts occupying the 8th place in the Krasnodar Region in the area of the territory of 219,850 hectares and 7th place in the number of the permanent population that is 132,400 inhabitants. The main part of the district lands has agricultural designation (151,371 hectares); water fund lands are 42,439 hectares; lands of settlements are 15,073 hectares; forest fund lands are 783 hectares, and reserve lands are 7,325 hectares.

The climate of Slavyansk district is moderate continental. The average yearly air temperature in the district is +10.7 degrees. The frostless period lasts, on an average, 193 days. The summer starts in mid-May, moderately hot, followed by rain showers precipitation. The average monthly temperature in July is +23 degrees —.  

Slavyansk land is rich with minerals and natural resources. There are large oil & gas reserves (Anastasievsko-Troitzkoye and Sladkovsko-Morozovskoye oil-and-gas fields), shell rock, sand, clay, drinking & mineral water and healing iodine-bromine springs. LLC Oil Company "Rosneft-Krasnodarneftegas" and LLC "Gasprom production Krasnodar" are intensively engaged in hydrocarbon production activities across the territory of the district.   

The federal highway "Temryuk Ц Krasnodar Ц Kropotkin - the border of the Stavropol Region" with access to the "Don"  M-4 Federal Highway and the motorway "Timashevsk Ц Krymsk Ц Novorossiysk" and the "Timashevskaya Ц Krymskaya" railway branch of the North-Caucasian railway connecting the central Russia with the ports of Novorossiysk, Taman and Temryuk, as well as with airports of Anapa and Krasnodar.

Slavyansk district is classified among nine municipal units of Krasnodar region with diversified economy.

More than 1700 enterprises and companies of various forms of ownership, 780 branches and representative offices, over 6500 private entrepreneurs carry out their activities on the territory of the district. The average salary in the district amounts to approximately 28 000 rubles. The unemployment rate is 0.4%.

Over 23 billion rubles were invested into the economy of the municipal unit over the last five years. In the past year 2017, alone the investment amount totaled 5.2 billion rubles.

Multiple large companies gained success in implementing their projects across the territory of Slavyansk district. Specifically, the company CJSC "Tander" Ц a merchandising chain "Magnet", one of the largest in Europe, implemented the investment project on the construction of a distribution center with a motor enterprise, thus having created more than 2000 workplaces. In the year 2013, the construction company "OBD" successfully implemented the project on the construction of a complex of apartment buildings. In the year 2009, OJSC "Slavyanskiy brick" commissioned the largest brickyard not only in Russia but in Europe too. The aggregate capacity of the companyТs brickyards accounts for 140 million pieces of standard brick per year. The brickyard is designed and built in conjunction with the company Hans Lingl (Germany), equipped with the state-of-the-art production machinery of the European companies with the highest level of automation and quality control in respect of the products manufactured.

The reconstruction of the Slavyansk Oil Refinery Plant is the largest investment project implemented in the territory of the Municipal Formation Slavyansk District; Slavyansk EKO is an investor; the project is being implemented since 2013.

The volume of investments for the Ist stage of the project implementation amounted to 5.2 billion rubles for the period from 2013 to 2016. The volume of investments for the IInd stage of the project implementation amounted to 5 billion rubles. More than 2.5 billion rubles were invested only by the results of 2017. 980 new jobs have been created since the beginning of the project. The project implementation period is 2020.

In the near future, the vector of investment development of the Slavyansk District will be directed to the South-Western Micro-district of the city of Slavyansk-on-Kuban, where residential accommodation is planned to be located for a total area of 520 thousand square meters, with social infrastructure and commercial facilities. The area of 320 hectares "comes to life" due to the engineering communications at the expense of the Municipal Formation. The construction and installation work has been started to provide the micro-district with engineering infrastructure facilities since 2014.

To minimize the period for the investment projects to reach an active stage of implementation, the Administration of the Municipal Formation Slavyansk District formed investment attractive land plots. For example, on a promising direction towards the Republic of Crimea, investors are invited for the project to construct a roadside service in the Slavyanskoye Urban Settlement with an area of 2.5 hectares.

Slavyansk district possesses all necessary resources for successful implementation of the investment projects. Primarily, those are the labor potential of our residents, and advantageous transportation & geographical position towards the internal and external markets, wealthy resources portfolio of the municipal unit enabling to head for the dynamic production development.