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Construction of objects of roadside service


Project nameConstruction of objects of roadside service
Industry classificationTransport
Basic information about the project
Project essenceConstruction object of roadside service including: building a grocery store , a hotel, coffee shop, boxes for small repairs of heavy vehicles
Project capacity4 post stations, 4 car , 2 tire
Consumer market descriptionPotential consumers of services SRT - a group of car owners with new models of VAZ, GAZ, UAZ and foreign cars from the age of five
Object construction term2.00
Competitive advantageLack of similar projects in the Slavyansky district
Resource availability for project realizationLand plot
Planned volume of resource consumption (annual)
Planned volume of electricity consumption (annual), MWh0.10
Planned volume of gas consumption (annual), million cubic meters0.07
Planned volume of water consumption (annual), million cubic meters0.02
Degree of project developmentFormed investment package , a business plan
Financial estimation of the project
Total cost of the project, mln rubles110.6
Own resources, million rubles110.6
Means of regional (municipal) budget, million rubles 
Previously involved means, million rubles 
Investment capacity, mln rubles110.60
Conditions of investor participationDirect investments
Form of investments returnMoney
Payback period5.00
Basic indicators of investment project economic efficiency
Net present value (NPV)20.19
Simple payback time4.75
Discounted payback period6.50
Internal rate of return (IRR)26.00
Productivity index (PI)1.10
Income per year 122.53
Social efficiency of investment project
Number of workplaces26
Salary average level (thousand rub per year)324.00
Budgetary efficiency of investment project
Mid-annual tax payments, million rubles30.42
which includes into consolidated budget of the krai, million rubles13.91
General information about the ground area
Address of the areaSlavyansky district, Slavyansk-on-Kuban, st.Krasnaya, 157/2
Cadastre account of ground areaRegistered
Cadastre number of area/of quarter23:27:1301000:11910
Declared area (m2)25000.00
Limit size of the area (m2)25000.00
Land categoryLands of inhabited localities
Kind of allowed useBusiness building
Actual useNot used
Availability of buildings, structures, constructionsNo
Information about proprietor (right holder)
ProprietorMunicipal Administration Slaviyanskiy area
Right holderMunicipal Administration Slaviyanskiy area
Kind of rightRent
Information about encumbrance and limitation
Encumbrance area 
Electricity supply
Power supply center (name, right-holder)110/10 kV "PTF", "Kubanenergo"
Power supply center (electrotension class)High class of tension Ц from 110 kV to 220 kV
Power supply center (free power (MWt))6.00
Power supply center (distance(m))2600.00
Nearest connection point (network tension, kV)10.00
Nearest connection point (distance(m))100.00
Gas pipeline (name, right-holder)JSC "Slavyanskgorgaz"
Gas pipeline (diameter(mm))100.00
Gas pipeline (pressure(MPa))Average pressure pipelines Ц from 0,005 to 0,3
Gas pipeline (carrying capacity(cube. a year)) 
Gas pipeline (distance(m))3200.00
Nearest connection point (diameter(mm))72.00
Nearest connection point (pressure (MPa))Average pressure pipelines Ц from 0,005 to 0,3
Nearest connection point (carrying capacity (cubic meter a year)) 
Nearest connection point (distance(m))70.00
Water supply source (name, right-holder)MUP "Slavic Gorvodocanal"
Water supply source (power (cubic meters a day))320.00
Water supply source (quality of water)Drinking water
Water supply source (distance(m))2800.00
Nearest connection point (power (cubic meters a day)) 
Nearest connection point (diameter(mm))56.00
Nearest connection point (distance(m))70.00
Sewage system
Type of building (name, right-holder)No
Type of building (distance(m)) 
Installation of telephones/internet
Central network (distance(m)) 
Mobile communication (distance(m))0.01
Rated price of the ground area supplying with engineering, mln.rub1.00
Distance to the large settlements and objects of a transport infrastructure
Remoteness fromNameDistance (km)
center of municipal formation Slavajansk-on-kuban8.00
nearest settlement Krimsk city40.00
Center of federal subject Krasnodar city80.00
highways (regional, federal value) Temryuk - Krasnodar - Kropotkin -border of Stavropol Territory0.01
highways of local value Str. Krasnaya0.10
nearest railway station railroad station ЂProtokaї Slaviansk-on-Kuban14.00
nearest railway The station "Protoka" Slavyansk-on-Kuban14.00
airport Anapa airport84.00
seaport seaport Temryuk60.00
Additional information about the ground area
Special conditionsRelief area level
Cost of rent/buy of the ground area, mln. rub1.00
Geographical coordinates of object (dd.dddddd)
Latitude (N)45.124963
Longitude (E)38.084062
Data on the project initiator (in case of existence information about the legal/physical person)
Name / Full nameAdministration of Slavyansky district municipality
Postal address353560 Krasnodar region, Slavyansk-on-Kuban str. Krasnaya, 22
Phone/fax+7(86146) 4-36-87
Data about the applicant (executive authority/local government executive authority)
NameAdministration of Slavyansky district municipality
Postal address353560 Krasnodar region, Slavyansk-on-Kuban, Krasnaya st, 22, office 317
Phone/fax+7(86146) 4-25-85
Executive (Full name, work position, phone number)Gilginberg Lina, head of investment and interaction with small businesses, tel. +7 (86146) 4-25-85