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At УSochi-2016Ф forum Kuban will present an investment project on development of alternative energy

The project entails the accommodation of eight wind power farms across the territory of Krasnodar region.

The investors will be able to familiarize themselves with an integrated wind energy development concept in the region. Thus, Yeisk, Temryuk, Sherbinovskaya and Kanevskaya were determined ass the most promising ones for the construction of energy generation facilities. It is proposed to implement the largest facility in the Cossack village Dolzhanskaya of Yeisk district, as reported by the Press-Service of the Administration of the region.

– Krasnodar region is considered an energy deficient region. Therefore, the generation of additional capacities, including the use of the renewable energy sources, appears to be a relevant stream in developing modern generation capabilities. The wind rose, environmental conditions and terrain in Kuban will enable to utilize the wind power as an energy source in efficient manner, - explained in the regional ministry of Fuel & Energy sector and Housing & Utility infrastructure.

The capacity of the proposed wind power farms will make from 39 to 150 megawatts. To generate the given volume of energy at the facilities, it is planned to install from 13 to 50 wind generators with a capacity of three MW.      

The capital investments into the construction of wind power farms are estimated at more than 60 billion rubles.

Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region